The evolving national presence of True Organics 247 and Alchemy Essential Oils has created a buzz in the skincare and essential oil industries. The unique vision, passion and friendship of its founders, Matthew Settle and Joe Tafoya, who created these Natural and Organic Skincare and Essential Oil product lines make them very proud of their success and with it brings such joy for them to finally introduce these products to the world. True Organics 247 and Alchemy Essential Oils are continuing to move to the forefront in the development and formulation of Natural and Organic skincare products and essential oils. Matthew Settle and Joe Tafoya’s expertise challenges many things impossible, only to make them all possible.

The driving forces behind True Organics 247 and Alchemy Essential Oils are Matthew Settle known for his incredible achievements on stage and screen and Joe Tafoya known for his revolutionary work in the field of skincare product development.

Matthew Settle Skin Cares
Matthew Settle continues to evolve into a respected actor – stage and screen. Known in households around the world for his work in the cultural phenomenon Gossip Girl (2007) as “Rufus Humphrey”, as well as the celebrated “Capt. Ronald Speirs” from the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning Band of Brothers (2001), Settle has worked with such notables as Steven Spielberg, Sir David Frost, Jonathan Mostow and Peter Bogdanovich.

Settle recently appeared as the lead character, “Billy Flynn”, in Broadway’s “Chicago” for 64 acclaimed performances. He was nominated for a teen choice award for his role in Gossip Girl (2007) and shares an award with Steven Spielberg for his portrayal as the lead “Jacob Wheeler” in TNT’s Emmy award-winning mini-series, Into the West (2005). Settle’s career has taken him on an informative journey through more than 30 countries, and has afforded him the opportunity to play a rich diversity of roles for nearly 20 years. Since living between Rome, London, and Los Angeles, Settle spends the majority of his time in New York.

Joe Tafoya True Organic 247
Joe Tafoya has over 30 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry – he was one of the original pioneers in the evolution of microdermabrasion technology when it was first introduced to the United States in 1995 as a manufacturer and patent holder of one of the original US Microdermabrasion machines. He is continuing to pioneer the evolution of natural and organic skincare and essential oil technology, and today he spends his time consulting primarily on marketing and brand building for the skincare and beauty industry and the development of new skincare and essential oil lines. He also continues to build and develop day spas, med spas, and boutique skincare studios across the country for the brands he develops and for young entrepreneurs . It was in 1995 that Joe Tafoya first started to develop and formulate cutting edge skincare products, offering customers a full array of complementing, advanced skincare products and treatments in the boutique studios he built.

It is an ongoing commitment of the founders to use the purest, most active state of each natural and organic ingredient in order to formulate the highest quality skincare and essential oil products, addressing both chronologic aging and environmental aging at its source, revolutionizing the skincare and essential oil industry.

With a collaboration of leading scientists specializing in advanced anti-aging natural and organic skincare and essential oil ingredients, backed by clinical studies, True Organics 247 and Alchemy Essential Oils lead the way in the development of many new revolutionary, scientifically formulated skincare and essential oil products that are not only backed by science, but are in harmony with the environment and with nature. With this alliance and commitment to providing only top quality skincare and essential oil products, backed by decades of research, the results are not superficial. The skin’s natural restorative ability to heal and transform itself is effectively stimulated, so dramatic curative results are guaranteed.

Our goal is to offer a full array of relevant information and top quality products and treatments by creating a natural and organic environment where people feel like they can achieve specific desired results.

Welcome to True Organics 247 and Alchemy Essential Oils, enjoy our products and services

Matthew Settle


Joe Tafoya